Why Are Chillies Withered Suddenly? Here’s How to Overcome It!

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Why are these chilies suddenly wilting, these are fundamental questions and problems for chili farmers, especially beginners. So, we need to know more about what causes wilting of the chili man.

Why Are Chillies Withered Suddenly? Here's How to Overcome It!
Why Are Chillies Withered Suddenly? Here’s How to Overcome It!

Chili cultivation needs to know things that will be detrimental as to why leaves will wither during the dry season. Including the problem of why the chili man suddenly withered the following. So, this time we will discuss further about why the chili plants suddenly withered, namely:

Lack of Water

The first thing that causes the chili plants to wither is the problem of drought which certainly makes any plants wither. In the dry season, we should raise a lot of water that we have to get lots of water and not become dry.

Because indeed during this season, the plant will get less rainfall. This is why the plant depends only on the irrigation system that we provide. So, do not let the plants become wilted because it is very dry.

If this is the cause, then you only need to water more often like how to preserve roses so they don’t wither. and improve drainage or irrigation systems if planting chili plants in large quantities.

Mostly Water

It is not even drought that causes sudden cropping problems. most water can also cause plant wilting. Because this will later trigger plant decay faster.

This decay will originate from the roots and then spread more quickly to the trunk area until it ends in the leaf area. So, if the rainy season arrives, then try to keep the plant away from places that easily store a lot of water. Or you can overcome it by repairing the sewer.


There are a variety of certain diseases that can cause spoilage in the stems and roots and leaves of plant chilies. Like how to treat roses so that they don’t wither, then the problem of stem wilting due to this disease can also be overcome. In general, these chili plants wither are often caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Fusarium mushrooms can cause a sudden crop of chilies withering, and also many viruses and bacteria that cause this problem too. If it happens due to disease, then we can get rid of some of the infected plants so they don’t spread to other plants.

Spraying fungicide and insecticide right will make the disease treated well. Usually, plants planted in pots can be moved to other places if the disease is still seen infecting the plant, such as why the leaves turn yellow.

Nutrition Deficiency

Every plant is not just a chili garden, it requires nutrients that must be fulfilled. This is also what will happen to chilies that lack nutrition, where the plant will experience many problems, for example, just wither and become more stunted.

So, try to always pay attention to the signs. Remember the last time you gave him fertilizer? Or even since planting it has never been given fertilizer at all? Meet the nutritional needs of these chilies so they don’t wilt easily and can grow optimally.

Lack of Sunlight

Not all crops can grow well if they are planted in areas that cannot get enough sun signals. For example, you choose a place to plant these chilies outside the room that is easily exposed to rain, it’s just covered and can not get direct sunlight.

Sunlight is an important factor in the growth of chilies plant. Because getting nutrients takes place in sunlight that is well lit. So, try to see whether the plant gets enough sunlight or not.

Problematic Environment

The environment or area where you plant chilies is also one of the factors that cause the crop to wither. Because the environment is less clean and may again be a storehouse of germs. So do not be surprised if suddenly the chili plants wither.

And also pay attention to the air circulation around the chili planting area. If you can not provide a good supply of air circulation will also have an impact on withering without you know! So do not carelessly plant chilies somewhere.

Withered Chili Solution

After previously we know what is possible to be withered chilies. So this time we will discuss about how to resolve the issue:
Pay attention to the watering time and how often you water it.

Try to feel the moisture level of the growing media (soil) if it feels very moist then you are watering too much.
Loosen the soil or planting media if there is a lot of water, or mix it with sand.
Give the right fertilizer and recommended for regular chili plants.
Give a mixture of organic substances so that the soil more easily absorbs water.
Improve the irrigation system in the chili area.
Clean the environment around the chili plant.
Cleanse from weeds so that the chili plant can get enough nutrition.
Dispose of rotten chilies so that if the disease is attacked, the disease will not spread to other plants.

Well, here are tips that can help when we have problems with withered chilies. take precautionary measures and find out the cause is necessary for the maximum growth of chili peppers.

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